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The present colony which populate the loft of Harm and Robert can by roughly categorised in 3 groups as you can see below.
Love Pair:
A group of birds which is dominating the skies for 15 years is coming from the in the meantime worldfamous breedingcouple "Boy en Queen" also called "Love Pair". In 1995 these two pigeons moved from Hans Eijerkamp & Sons to the loft of Harm. A golden couple proved by the many 1th pricewinners and Acepigeons they produced. Superbirds which are nearly invincible on distances up to 500 kilometer and which for theirselfs own perfect genes that they passed on to their young. Also they proved to be miraculous with other fanciers as for example Frans Zwols. Click on the photo to get better acquinted.....
Harm en Robert are convinced that looking ahead in our sport is a must. That is why the everlasting search for better birds brought severall toppigeons to Steenwijksmoer. Class birds who proved to be a welcome addition to the already strong colony. For example "No Limit" en "Space Shuttle", these were bought from in order Joke en Martin Geven from Voorst and Jan Oost from Elp. "No Limit" was best middle-long distance pigeon in 2006 in the national competition "Wie heeft ze Beter" (Who has Better) and he was best in category  100 until 500 kilometer "Best of the Best". In 2007 he was delegated for The Netherlands in the sportclass Olympiade Belgium. "Space Shuttle became best middle-long distance pigeon of The Netherlands in 2009.Click for more information on the photo ....

Van Zon:
Due to specialising on the one day long distance races Harm had to search for an other string of birds. Up to then his team was more then able to make fine results but often when the circumstances were hard and difficult they were not able to end in the top of the lists. His search brought him to Berkenwoude by Martin van Zon. There Harm found a string of birds which could help him achieve better results. In 2006 "Silverboy" proved him right by winning the murdering race Orleans, 630 km, 33 degrees celsius and headwind. No less then 15.855 birds in flight and he was able to win with 5 minutes in advance. Click on the photo to read more of these group.....
Aart Bakker
New Talent:
Here the Combination wants to introduce to you some birds specially selected through the talent parents and grandparents have shown by making toplistings. Each descendants of nobel strains. They will be coupled to the excisting strain.