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Harm Vredeveld,
Virtuoso with national acepigeons and victories ...

The elite of the national acepigeons competitions, King of 1st prices, Grandmaster in national topresults ... Words fail to discribe Harm Vredeveld. Amazing, also in recent years. Harm not only won the national flight from Morlincourt, he was 1st and 2nd! In 2005, he was the 2nd best performing fancier on national Le Mans, the largest pigeon race in the world, in the category more than 20 pigeons in flight. And in the year 2006
with 5 minutes advance he claimed the NPO victory on Orleans. “Silverboy” was best in a
murdering race over 630 kilometer, wind ahead and 33 degrees celcius against 15.855 pigeons
played by fanciers in Departments 10 & 11. 2007 was the year of Derby youngbirds Morlincourt
with the fastest of sections 10 & 11 against 19.533 pigeons.

If Harm puts his mind at something usually the competition is left behind in disbelief….

Robert Leemhuis,

A superfanatic  talent ...

Talented and 100% commited, the conditions for high-scoring in the pigeon sport. This
commitment did not stay unnoticed. Contacts were made with Harm Vredeveld and from that a
warm friendship grew between both families. Because of that Robert was closer to the source
and therefor he and his wife Henriette could raise the bar higher. Not without succes.
In 2003 they claimed prices 3, 4 and 5 on National Derby Morlincourt. In 2004 they became 8th National Champion Youngbirds and 2005 could be concluded with the 2nd General Championship not nominated of Department 10 with about 2000 members. In 2007, the close cooperation between the two families was confirmed and together with Chantal Vredeveld the combination Leemhuis-Vredeveld appeared on the resultlists. And again with succes, for example with the 1th and 2nd place on National NPO Arras against 11.406 pigeons.

Combinatie Vredeveld & Leemhuis,

Forces combined …

In 2008 both families decided to bring together their talents. In Steenwijksmoer Robert and Henriette purchased another house with more room and opportunities to perform at an even higher level.

Aart Bakker